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The =RU= Clan has made a new look and image for itself. Have a look around enjoy your stay. We'll try to throw you a bone every now and then.

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I'm changing message boards as one of the toons suggested.

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How do I join the Rebel Uprising Clan?

There are some minimum requirements that we set for new members.  Although not set in stone we will make an exception to the rule if you show maturity and  willingness to learn each units capabilities, unit configurations, and advanced battle strategies.

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A strong understanding of each units strength and
weakness is key and vital to a successful win.
Choose Your Faction Carefully!

What is Ground Control?

Developed by Massive Entertainment and released in the year 2000. Ground Control is a pure tactical strategy game using a fully immersive 3D environment.

You command foot soldiers, mobile units, tanks, rocket terradynes, artillery support units and numerous aircraft configurations. And if that isn't enough to make your head spin, try your hand at some rare but very powerful special units, like Beams, Drones, Bombers, Power Armor units and a lot more.

The real treat is the camera, which allows full rotation and can zoom in and out to outrageous levels. Or, if you'd prefer, zoom down to ground level and watch shell casings fly off each individual infantryman's gun, and watch the gory blood spew from a soldier getting blown to bits. There is lots of replay value in this game. Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of fun.


What is Ladder Play?

A Ladder is a system in which you play for the ranking of number 1. You are put in a league of other players, and you first start off unranked, and you have to win to get ranked. Once you are ranked, you have to play players ahead of yourself to move up, and it is always good to try to get a good record, and play high ranked people to get the best rank and to improve!