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Know your Maps - Master the terrain, win the game.

The most often played map of all, is Desert DM1. Its an OND map nice wide open flat areas. Its sprinkled with little hidden areas used for "element of suprise attacks", like at the top of  a hill, behind the hill or in the crease of a hill and hiding on the edge of a hill then popping up over the top and suprising your enemy. 

All the Red X's are where I have noticed people place their infantry.
All the Green A's are where I have noticed people hide their APC's.
All of the Blue R's are where I have noted the most popular places to hide radar.

DM2 There are so many ways you can use units to hide top of hills, in the shadows. Just way to many kinds of strategies to have on this map. But it makes for an interesting game.

DM4 one of my favorite maps to play. Can you figure out what the arrows mean? They are the access points which you can get to your enemy when they camp hard. Yes you can fit try it, I used it so many times to surprise my enemy. Always look for a backdoor into the enemy's drop zone.

Most veterans play the middle of the map and maintain control of the two hills or duke it out on the flat lands. It is to your advantage to use the terrain well. I don't just give them the game they want I sneak around and find out what they are doing. Call me a backstabber, but that's what the game is all about, "SURPRISE".


DM5  Another map that has many ways to play.

DM7 Is the only map that doesn't randomize the dropzones. They are always at the same place each time you play.