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Order of the New Dawn

"The path of the just is a shining Light, but the way of the wicked is Darkness: they know not what makes them stumble."
-The New Book of Proverbs

Greetings, Light-seeker. We are the Order of the New Dawn, the Earth's third largest Corporation and its largest religious faith. Among our ranks we count nearly 700,000,000 Faithful, and our holdings range from Mars to the Spinward Reaches.

The Order's ranks are divided into three great branches of service. The first of these is the Manus Dei, "the Hands of God," by far the largest grouping of the Faithful; of the Order's 700 million members, nearly 600 million belong to the Manus Dei. The Hands of God exist to do His work, both Earthside and abroad, and members in this branch do work of all kinds, from the humblest tasks to the most exalted. Doctors and dock workers, teachers and terra-formers, foremen and farmers, scientists and salesmen, the Manus Dei are the body of our Order and they do God the greatest service imaginable - by making His presence felt everywhere that the Dawn Emblem shines.

The second branch of the Order is much smaller than the Manus Dei, but without them, no branch of the Order could exist. The Pax Dei, as they are known - the "Peace of God", in common tongue-consists of around 90 million men and women. These brave and faithful warriors are the armies of the New Dawn and the Holy Defenders of the Faith, dedicated to protecting the Order and its interests on Earth and throughout the galaxy. Members of the Pax Dei provide policing and security for the Order's settlements on no fewer than fourteen worlds, and they are also called to provide pilots and crew for any and all vessels belonging to the Church.

The third and final branch of the Order is the Vox Dei, "the Voice of God." It our sacred duty to minister to the Faithful, to keep God alive in the hearts of humanity, and to seek Light and Truth everywhere that they can be found. Because of the delicate nature of these tasks, only men may join the ranks of the Vox Dei, and only men become the Order's ministers, astronomers and Inquisitors. Our ranks are very small - only a little over 10 million in all.

If you wish to know more about Our Order and its holy Mission, please feel free to peruse any of the materials provided below. May the Light bathe and bless you, and keep you safe.


Ond vs Ond
Whoa! Lots here. This really depends on what your good at. If your good at assassinations then set to speed, and get in and out quick. However, I have seen more and more players using offensive mode. Offensive mode sets your meds to 150% firepower at the expense of speed. Don't  just sit there and take it you have to run with meds set to offensive mode, they can eat you up in a hurry, unless your set to offensive mode then both squads will die about the same time. Defensive mode gives you 30-40% more armor. So experiment. Key is what do you do well? Use that and configure your units to take advantage of that skill. Gotta love them scouts. The ability to see the enemy before they see you is the "element of surprise".

Ond vs Cray
Ond wins. Use your beams to hit the heavies and rockets and use your meds against crayven main battle terradynes at your leisure. Setup a good ambush for the rockets and use your infantry.

Ond vs Phoenix
I choose Ond. You only need worry bout the snipers and power armor units with cloak, so take radar two of them. Then just special them little guys with your meds when you see them on the mini map.


Multiplayer Strategies
Coming Soon!

Dropin Strategies
Coming Soon!

Order Command APC

Shock Infantry - "Crusaders"

Anti-Terradyne Infantry -
"Templars" (female)

Pax Dei - Order Faithful

Power Armor -
"The Gibbon"

Scout Hoverdyne - "Apus"

Light Hoverdyne - "Sculptor"

Main Battle Hoverdyne -

Heavy Hoverdyne - "Volans"

Beam Platform - "Lacerta"

Drone Carrier - "Orion"

Artillery Hoverdyne - "Sagitta"

Anti-Air Hoverdyne - "Pavo"

Recon Aerodyne - "Lyra"

Fighter Aerodyne - "Draco"

Attack Aerodyne - "Phoenix"