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Stargate SG-1

My way of paying tribute to the best scifi series show.  Stargate SG-1 is airing its 6th season and final season. The Stargate II movie sequel will begin production after the final season has completed.

Meet the team that goes through the stargate first before everyone else.
Meet one of the bad guys which is dead now by the hands of SG-1. The evil gould system lord RA and his wife.
Meet just some of the girls.
Meet the cast members

Amanda Tapping as
Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as
Michael Shanks as
Dr. Daniel Jackson (non-military)
season 1-5



season 6
now played by
Corin Nemic
as Jonis Quinn (non-military)

Richard Dean Anderson as
Colonel Jack O'Neil
The big guy in charge
Don S. Davis as
General George Hammond
And the star of the show
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