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Greetings and welcome. We are the Crayven Corporation, currently the largest incorporated body listed in by the Terran Commodities Exchange. Our organization employs over 900,000,000 men, women and children on Earth and abroad, and our many product lines have become a universal synonym for quality merchandise at a reasonable price.
Crayven Corporation holdings span the known galaxy, from Earth to the furthest reaches of human-explored space. Although the output of Crayven factories, farms and mining facilities offer a wide range of products, we are perhaps best known for our terra-forming projects. Our terra-forming subsidiary, Crayven Enterprises, has provided consulting and landscaping services to no fewer than 50 colonial concerns - not including the seventeen colonies which Crayven has established under its own direction.

The showcase for Crayven's state-of-the-art terra-forming technology can be found at Ney Vesta (Vesta 3), which is now a Stage 10 colony - one of only two such human settlements currently in existence. Ney Vesta, which has been the most popular vacation destination for FTL travelers for over 100 years, has also been declared "Most Livable World" for five years running by Stellar Trend Magazine. But it isn't necessary to travel FTL to have a taste of Crayven's jewel world living! We also own and operate the famous Domed Gardens of Mars, which can provide vacationers with a little breath of Paradise without having to go so far from home.

If you want to know more about the Crayven Corporation, its history, and the kind of men and women who work for us, read on! We're always looking for the best and brightest; new blood and new ideas are what keep our company strong.



Cray vs Cray
Very level playing field it comes down to the smarter player and config. In a toe-2-toe battle cray vs cray,  whomever is the better cray shooter usually wins. 

Cray vs Ond
Don't even think about it. Unless you like to get slaughtered by Ond's unmatchable speed. Ond Beams can take out any of your units from a safe distance. Scouts with mines will do nothing. You will have made yourself  a weak ground force only good for scouting and running.  Besides Ond will be on your butt before you can say Oh No.

Cray vs Phoenix
Crayven Anti-air units are the best of all the factions. They can take out the swarms like popcorn. Just be sure to bring ams, or you will get swarmed. Watch out for those irritating power armor units with mirage. You might want to bring a mobile radar terradyne or at least one radar. If you can bring two.

Multiplayer Strategies
Coming Soon!

Dropin Strategies
I only know of one specific strategy for using Cray during a multiplayer dropin. I really almost never use cray unless its an air war. In an air war cray are superior. The Air units are crays strength. Another is their armor, much stronger than Ond's armor. Their weakness is they move as slow as snails. 

Most of the time I watch how other people play and try to figure out how they configure their units. Renegade Tueurs was kind enough to share his knowledge. So I pass it on to you here.

Cray Multiplayer Dropin Configuration

Number Unit Special Equipment Mode
4 Heavys AMS Speed
1 Scout AMS Normal or Speed
2 Anti-air AMS Normal
1 Rocket AMS Normal

This setup is ideal for a full dropin game, when there is 8 players. I would bring 2 rockets and 1 AA, if I saw only 2 or 4 players in the dropin. So adjust your config according to how many players are in the game. If you like air then I would suggest bringing attack aerodynes, they last longer, take more punishment and set to offensive can really be dangerous.

Use the scouts to take out rockets and anti-air. Yes sir rockets can't hurt the little guys in the go carts when they have ams, not even a hellfire can get through. The splash damage is what really hurts the scouts vs rockets. So don't' stick around too long cause they don't have much armor so use scouts as assassins. Get in and out fast.

Bombers pop just pop like popcorn. If your lucky you'll only get to drop one or two nukes. If you do bring cray bombers they are dead anyway as soon as they drop their nukes, but so is most of your enemy. Using all bombers with no ground units is really silly. Bombers are support units not offensive units.

Look for enemy anti-air and kill it before sending your air in. I see so many people using bombers as offensive units. Just drive right up into their drop zone and you'll notice they don't have much of a ground force. So keep an eye on the enemy's config you might discover a weakness in their configuration or the way they play the game. Offensively, defensively, etc.  

Heres a screenshot of the above strategy. You know you did something right when you've used someone else's configuration and strategy to beat them at their own game. Take a look for yourself.



Command APC - "Rhino"

Rifle Infantry - "Marine"

Special Forces - "Jaeger"

Power Armor - "Badger"

Scout Terradyne -"Locust"

Light Terradyne - "Jackal"

Main Battle Terradyne -

Annihilator Terradyne -

Radar Terradyne -
 "The Bat"

Rocket Terradyne -

Artillery Terradyne - "HOG"

Anti-Air Terradyne -

Light Scout Aerodyne -

Fighter Aerodyne - "Delta"

Attack Aerodyne - "Vulture"

Bomber Aerodyne -