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Phoenix Mercenaries

Phoenix vs Phoenix
Deadly! Power vs Power, ridiculous power.

Phoenix vs Cray
LOL Phoenix are like Crayven on steroids, and then some.

Phoenix vs Ond
No mystery here. The phoenix power armor units with mirage special can get in and out and kill everything in its path including heavies. If its an air war the swarm is just so difficult to defend against unless you have 3 anti-air.


Multiplayer Strategies
Coming Soon!

Dropin Strategies
Coming Soon!

Command APC - Charon

Infantry - "Warriors"

Special Forces - "Snipers/Lynceus"

Power Armor - "Talus"

Plasma Grenadiers - "Furies"

Scouts - "Basalisk"

Light Tanks - "Chimaera"

Main Battle Tank - "Manticore"

Heavy Tank - "Minotaur"

Pyro-Dyne - "Prometheus"

Anti-Air Unit - "Icarus"

Artillery - "Hydra"

Scout Aerodyne - "Pegasus"

Fighter Aerodyne - "Wyvern"

Attack Aerodyne - "Gryphon"

Swarm Aerodyne - "Imp"