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Clan Showdown
DM1, DM7


Please be sure to read the following rules.

1) Only clans are eligible to sign-up for the Clan Showdown Tourny.

2) Any Clan member can signup their clan.  At least one clan member must participate, maximum number of 4 clan members. However if the number of members in the dualing clans is lower than the other; Each clan will select only certain members to participate in the
1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4. 

3) The Winner must email the screenshot "cropped"  less than 40Kbyte image size to Otherwise you must catch SG-1 when he is online to submit screenshot by way of aol, msn or yahoo messenger.

4) Game1 using map DM1. Game2 using map DM7. Special game rules to be decided by the participating clans. Each agrees on no vortex, no air etc.

5) If the results of the first two games is a 1win 1loss, there will be a tiebreaker 3rd game to determine the champion.

6) The winner will automatically receive 100 points in addition to the number of kills received during the fight. Yes your clan ranking is based on points and wins.

GC Login Name    

Good Luck Hard Fight